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Producer, Designer & Developer

The Date

The Date

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The Date is Hannah's first VR game, made in only 6 weeks. The game's script was written by a script writing collaborator, and the interactive content was designed by both collaborators and implemented by Hannah. The Date is the first of Hannah's games to feature 3D Character animation and branching narrative story-lines. Hannah was also the producer on this project.

Take on the role of Lewis as he goes on a first date with his dream woman. Try your hand at small talk, and do you best to impress Rose with your cool and collected manner. But it's easier said than done - none of your words come out quite right, and everything seems to go wrong!


Can you keep Lewis from messing up the date, or will Rose walk out before the end? Don't blow your chance in this cringe comedy inspired by Peep Show, which is awkward and hilarious in turn.

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